Wreath Group Holdings Inc. is a private company, based in Vancouver, B.C., involved in making investments and providing selected clients with advisory services focused on transaction-related projects, primarily on the ‘buy-side’, in North American mergers and acquisitions (M&A).  From experience gained working on and completing many transactions over a long period of time, Wreath Group works with businesses (and their owners/management teams) in defining and executing an acquisition plan designed as part of a larger strategic plan.  Wreath Group views its role as that of an independent advisor to the principal(s) of businesses seeking to grow through acquisition, working alongside financial, legal and other advisors retained by strategic buyers, focused on the goal of helping then achieve M&A success and strengthen their M&A capability.

Over several decades, the founder of Wreath Group has negotiated and closed dozens of transactions, in a variety of industries.  While some of them have failed to achieve targeted performance, for the most part the deals have worked out, and done so in a manner that both the seller and buyer would consider fair.  Working closely and effectively with business owners and operating management teams, being creative (when necessary) and developing a high degree of trust in those working relationships, has been a key factor in supporting deal-making success.

In business, perhaps nothing is more frustrating than to have a transaction that is strategically important, and that ought to have been completed, fall apart.  By recognizing the principal causes of deal failure, and employing a combination of best practices and discipline to manage and avoid them, Wreath Group can help ensure that your strategic non-organic growth goals are achieved.

Wreath Group is limited in terms of the number and extent of the projects that we can undertake at any given time.  We therefore work to carefully select the clients with whom we work, and measure our success by the degree to which we can help them be successful.  To that end, we have not shared contact information beyond what appears on this website.  That said, if you think we can be of assistance to you, please let us know what you are trying to do and how we might be of service.